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Welcome to New Dawn

- A home for people who take their recreation time seriously, but like to keep their games light-hearted.

We are a PVE guild with the primary objective of having fun and enjoying each others' company.  We inhabit a renown level 19, T3 city situated on the Lacheish Plains in Cimmeria.  Life here is pretty good, and the views are spectacular.  Our community thrives on the belief that the more you put into it, the more you will derive from it.  We have plenty of room for (mature) new residents, and you'll be assured of a warm welcome.

Our Aim:
As a PVE guild, we strive to provide as many raids and 6-man instances as our guildies have time for.  PVP is a secondary focus, and we encourage you to participate in this aspect of the game should you desire.  Oh, and of course we also aim to be the first and the best at everything.  Whenever we can, that is, and never at the expense of our enjoyment of the game.

Well, we know there is a need for some structure.  You can read all about the current management of the guild over here.
Guild Management

Your guild lord is: Pers.

Your guild executive officers are: Pers, Dwar, Yyema, Furiess.

Your PvP officer is: Reychulo.

Your moral officer is: Maggi.

 BUT we are anxious to avoid all the back-biting and politics which can ensue in an online military game of this nature, and for this reason we will keep other ranking as informal as possible.  The focus will be on personal satisfaction rather than scoring points off each other.

Code of conduct:
This is mostly about being good human beings.  We will be nice to each other.  We will respect each other.  We will treat everyone as our equals.  There will be no squabbling, we will not tolerate rudeness, and we will try very hard not to swear excessively.  You do all of this in your real life, right?  Well, just do the same in here and we'll all get along just fine.  There are a few rules, of course which you can read the small print here.


As a mature guild, trash talk and nastiness in guild chat or global will not be tolerated, we expect all members to treat each other with the same respect that they expect in return.

Killing outside of any raid instances is a bootable offence, but having said that if you are attacked first you may strike back.

Senseless killing of good people minding their own business outside of mans, rez pads, quest giver is not looked upon very favourably.

If there is a conflict of interest between fellow guildies, we hope that it can resolved privately via tells or private talks; if it becomes too disruptive and threatens guild harmony, an officer will intervene.

We expect your full commitment to the guild and as such we would like to see that you bring all your toons to the guild to avoid conflict of interest with other guilds, allowances are made for low level toons who are not played often or toons who are holders of guild cities.

Happy so far?  Why not give us a whirl? You can find an application form over here.


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